August 9, 2014


Fishnet dress
Zara mesh dress
Slip dress + Fishnet Pullover-Zara

Rant// Lately, I've been feeling completely uninspired and trite when it comes to shopping, styling, and ultimately fashion blogging, which kinda sucks because style was the cornerstone of my inspiration for ever blogging. Seeing how fast fast-fashion has become is pretty much making me ill and the even faster consuming behavior of fashion bloggers is only elevating the illness. Oh and not just in fashion blogging, but also beauty blogging - how wasteful it is to constantly purchase products you'll seemingly never finish. I guess it's really the concept of carelessly wasting that's making me sick. I've gradually become a victim of consumerism over the years especially under the influence of living vicariously through certain fashion blogs and having that unending desire for shit I don't need. What makes it worse is that now I'm in the industrie and I see the marketing/advertising efforts of getting the masses to spend, spend, spend and on top of that constantly luring people to open credit cards they probably cannot even afford. Also, seeing people in the office coming in talking about buyer's remorse (or regret of not buying) is just becoming quite overwhelming - I don't really want to be in that sea. I can't be the only one who sees this though - right?

Now opening my eyes and heart to knowing that I'm completely against "consumerism" and wasteful spending, I'm determined to dedicate my blog to developing good consumer habits that are completely paradoxical of the populace going forward. The first thing I did last week was return all the shit I ordered from the sales of Shopbop, Revolve Clothing, and Zara. It's a pretty inconvenient time right now since fall is surely upon us, but seriously guys, it's time to shop smarter...


  1. Seriously, I think we are on the same page. I always end up losing interesting in something once I purchase it, which is just a sign that I really did not need it and got trapped in the greed of wanting something everybody seems to have. So I am really trying to just avoid hypes and constant urge to present new things on the blog and rather talk about what I am really using or about my genuine purchases here and there. Even when I try, I don't think I see myself completely quitting on shopping either lol. I still need to fill in the holes I have in my basics, which I am starting to realize what I really need.

  2. Love this post.
    As much as I adore fashion/beauty and blogs on those topics, I rarely allow myself to get sucked into consumerism and I'm constantly thinking "but what do you /do/ with all that stuff".

  3. I totally feel you on this although sometimes I feel guilty of not smart shopping. I'm trying to be better at this though. Buying only basics an things that will last more than one season, and also bargain shopping. Tons of sale shopping! Thanks for speaking up on this and reminding me to be a better shopper!


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