March 8, 2014

Clothes or Makeup?

style or beauty

Wow, I've really been on it with blogging, haven't I? And you've probably noticed a higher trend in my beauty posts vs style in the last few weeks. Well that's mostly because I had products piling up I'd been meaning to post about, but for whatever reason didn't.

Sometimes I question which group I love more - Beauty or Style/Fashion? I don't know...I sway a bit depending on the day/week. But really, beauty is more attainable and I think that's why the mass population has an exponential growing interest in the beauty products category. It's just easier get joy out of spending $100 on 3-10 items (depending on brand and price point) versus dropping $100 on a single pair of jeans or blouse (assuming you're trying not to skimp on quality). Or suppose you're spending $100 on one or two products at the Chanel counter - you might experience an episode of extreme ecstasy simply for the luxury of the brand itself: Chanel (and the beautiful black, glossy packaging). You're surely not going to get anything else Chanel-wise for $100.

So what the hell am I trying to say? Nothing...just that sometimes beauty is the foray to our style aspirations. I love both equally.


  1. I totally agree! Beauty is my guilty pleasure. but clothes will forever own my soul lol

  2. i love shoes more than clothes but i have been focusing on my beauty routine lately and any extra money has been going to that.


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